On Borrowed Time: Pre-Reboot


posted 6th Sep 2022, 9:14 PM

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6th Sep 2022, 9:14 PM


Just a little foreword before the comic!

Despite having a bad break up with original OBT, I actually don't regret our time together. Every misstep I made along the way helped me learn and grow as an author, and helped me develop my personal tastes to the point where I'm completely in love with the rebooted version of OBT. And though I poke fun at the old comic now, there are some things I still admire about it and what it did for me.

I had my own little coming-of-age experience working on this comic. This comic became a way to vent my frustrations about the world as a teenager who had little power over things that happened in my life. Often time, bad things that happened to me or the people around me were vented in the form of things happening to the characters in this comic. While incorporating these experiences into a story doesn't necessarily make a bad story (I still adapt real-life experiences to my current comic), the way these topics were handled only scratched at the surface of issues without really understanding why they were the way they were. I was a kid, and didn't yet have the emotional processing I do now. As I grew into adulthood, I was able to process and shed a lot of emotional scarring I experienced growing up, but I wasn't wanting to lug lingering experiences around as my form of artistic expression.

While rebooting is generally frowned upon in comic-making, it was absolutely necessary for my process in order to grow and enjoy what I was doing. Rebooting certainly isn't for everyone, and it did not make things easier. But it was an amazing learning experience, and I'm so glad I did it. I hope that this archive helps you all see my journey into comic-making!

Read the current iteration here!

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